Philosophy of Counseling

All people are created in the image of God, yet broken by the ravages of sin committed both by and against us. We desperately need God’s redeeming grace through Christ’s work on the cross—the gospel. The primary focus of Christian counseling is to make the gospel known to hurting people.

At Jordan’s Bridge Christian Counseling, we believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God to man concerning faith and life, and that it relevantly speaks into the problems that our clients face. We also acknowledge that medical assistance, professional research and treatment methodologies not specifically found in the Bible may be helpful in identifying problems and applying appropriate interventions.

Christian counseling entails empathy, comfort, education, conviction, encouragement and sometimes even warning. It is a gentle process forged by listening and building trust, offering a safe environment for people to release emotional pain, and applying biblical principles to spur change in people’s hearts.

Christian counseling, then, is another tool through which the Holy Sprit works to heal past hurts, explain how we are to live, and to give meaning to our lives. The counseling process is effective because it is personal, safe, and confidential, but the results of its effectiveness are a blessing to family, church and community.