“At Jordan’s Bridge, we serve hurting people by applying God’s comfort, wisdom and direction through Christian counseling.”

Everyone needs counseling.

Whether struggling with relationship issues or addictions, deep grief and loss or life-long mental illness, everyone needs the benefits of a trusted and caring counselor. For many people, the ear of a good friend, pastor or family member is all that’s needed to help safely navigate the waters of life’s challenges. Occasionally, and for many others, life seems overwhelming. That’s where Jordan’s Bridge Christian Counseling can help.

Jordan’s Bridge is born out of a serious need for Christian loves counseling in Maine. That’s why we are here; that’s why we are located in the Lewiston-Auburn community, making us easily accessible to the majority of Maine’s population.

At Jordan’s Bridge, we believe Christian counseling can Transform Hearts, Restore Relationships and through these things Glorify God. We believe God works through the ministry of counseling regardless of a person’s beliefs, so we remain welcome to anyone in need of our services.

We invite you to peruse our website; if you need us give us a call. Whatever you are going through, we’re here to help.